Monopoly Live — Wheel Spinning with a Twist

Monopoly Live — Wheel Spinning with a Twist

If you are a fan of casino games that feature a live host, the new game by Evolution Gaming is worth checking out. Monopoly Live is a successor to Evolution’s already popular Dream Catcher money wheel. It features a mini-game inspired by the board game Monopoly, further helping you increase your winnings.

Even though the game is fairly new, it has amassed a large number of players since its release in 2019. If winning big is your goal, make sure to check out some tips and tricks for Monopoly Live. Also, keep reading to find out what you can expect from the game if you decide to give it a try. For more information and other sites, be sure to visit

Graphics and Interface

Just as its name suggests, Monopoly Live features a live host who will guide you through the game and further enhance your playing experience. At the center of the screen, you will find a large wheel that’s the main focus of the game, while at the bottom is the area where you will place all your bets.

In the top left corner, you can also find a chat where you can talk to other players in real time.

Since the game is licensed by Hasbro, its graphics are inspired by Hasbro’s most popular game — Monopoly. In the background, you can see the cityscape from the board game, with cars and hot air balloons moving around, and the money in the betting area is designed to look like banknotes from the game.

The 3D representation of Rich Uncle Pennybags, aka Mr. Monopoly, is also there on the screen, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. He even walks around the screen when you hit the bonuses.

Wheel Game

In the main game, you will need to guess which segment the wheel will stop on after the spin. The wheel consists of 54 segments, with numbers 1,2,5, and 10, two and four roll bonuses, and two chance cards. You can bet on any segment except for the bonus rolls, and if the wheel stops on any of them, you get the money you invested multiplied by the number on the segment.

In case the wheel stops on the “chance” segment, Mr. Monopoly will take out a chance card that can reward you with a cash prize or bonus multiplier. If you get the multiplier, the wheel spins again and the winnings are further multiplied by the number on the chance card. If you correctly guessed any of the “roll” segments, you go into a bonus mini-game.

Bonus Game

When you enter the bonus game, you will be greeted by the well-known Monopoly board with all the spaces such as properties, chance and community lots, income and super tax, go, and even jail. This part of the game is played by throwing the dice that moves Mr. Monopoly on the board according to the result on the dice.

Landing on properties grants a multiplier, so these spaces are always the good ones to land on. Passing go further increases the winnings, as doing this doubles the property multipliers.

Chance and community chest spaces can be either good or bad, as you can receive a cash prize or your winnings can be reduced if you aren’t lucky.

Income tax and super income spaces are the ones you want to avoid, as landing on them reduces your winnings by 10% and 20%, respectively.

Jail is by far the worst one since you will need to roll double dice to leave it, and spending too much time in jail can make you miss out on some nice prizes.

Monopoly Live allows you to make real money while playing a beloved board game and enhancing your wheel spinning experience. The bonus rounds are short, which means they won’t turn the game into the longest Monopoly game ever but will keep it as fun as possible.

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