Monster Harvest arrives on PlayStation 5 today

Monster Harvest arrives on PlayStation 5 today

Action farming RPG Monster Harvest has already been a hit on the PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Today Merge Games and Maple Powered Games are delighted to announce that their title is now released on the next-gen PlayStation 5.

The gameplay of Monster Harvest takes monster collecting and farming to a new special combination. Grow, collect and mutate your crops, then take them into battle. Find and create new monsters with the help of mutation Slimes that allow you to create up to 72 different mutations. Expand your farm and become the most famous farmer while discovering new lands, meeting new people, and saving the planet from the Evil SlimeCo.


  • Farm with mutants! Use magical slimes to mutate the crops you grow on your farm.
  • Collectible Planimal companions! Some slimes mutate your crops into Planimals!
  • Take your loyal companions into battle as you look to save Planimal Point from the Evil SlimeCo.
  • Three unique seasons: Dry, Wet, and Dark – Strange weather and seasons shift what the player can grow.
  • Venture into the town of Planimal Point – Discover the people and creatures that live there, build relationships to gain discounts in stores.
  • Craft dozens of items for your farm and your house.

PlayStation 5 features 

  • A number of haptic effects can be found throughout the game including rainfall and performing dodge rolls
  • The DualSense speaker is used for certain gameplay sound effects
  • Using slime will cause the DualSense controller to flash in the corresponding slime color
  • Upscaled 4K visuals
  • Improved performance, stability, and framerate.

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