Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate now available for Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate now available for Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate, the follow-up to Monster Hunter Generations, is available on Nintendo Switch as of today. This marks the series debut for the Switch platform, and for the first time it offers gamers the flexibility to play both local wireless and online multiplayer modes with up to three other hunters whether playing at home on a screen or on the go in a handheld or table top mode.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate challenges players to become a brave hunter who must go on a perilous journey to defend four villages from the Fated Four and a new Elder Dragon. Classic gameplay is combined with unique new twists, brand new areas and monsters, plus returning fan-favourites like Zinogre and Nargacuga. The new game also includes a new quest level called “G” rank that features more versions of familiar foes making you use your battle tactics with different moves and abilities.

If you have never played the game, here’s an idea of what to expect! The gameplay features powerful super moves called Hunter Arts that can be executed with a quick tap on the touch screen. Choose between six different Hunting Styles including two new ones called Valor Style, which rewards you with new moves for landing successful attacks, and Alchemy Style, a support style that grants the ability to create useful items on the fly during combat. Try and find your most personalized playstyle!

For those of you who already own the original game on Nintendo 3DS; you can transfer saved data to continue your journey in the Ultimate version.



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