Monster Jam: Crush It! – Coming to Nintendo Switch soon

Monster Jam: Crush It! – Coming to Nintendo Switch soon

Monster truck lovers and Nintendo Switch owners rejoice! Monster Jam: Crush It! is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 14 in the UK and Europe. Monster Jam: Crush It! is a Monster Truck action racing game that features the world’s biggest monster truck brand. Experience the awesome and unforgettable Monster Jam moments. Enjoy the realistic cinematic monster truck sport while discovering the real-life stadiums like Sam Boyd Stadium. In this Stadium, they host the actual Monster Jam World Finals.

The player can enjoy 25 licensed really accurate trucks including a few fan favorites like Grave Digger, Max-D, Monster Mutt and so on. The player can race in stadiums or enjoy an assortment of outdoor environments. There are a variety of modes the player can compete in, for example, Classic single-player Monster Jam truck races, freestyle competitions, and special skill challenges.

Monster Jam: Crush it! will release November 14th on the Nintendo Switch and is already available on the PS4 and Xbox One.


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