Monster Medic coming to iOS

Monster Medic coming to iOS

Monster Medic is an area shooter that is developed purely for 2-player co-op games. The developer Min Tsai from Terntek wanted to create a game that focuses on connecting people through teamwork and chaos. In this shoot ’em up, both players control the same ship and its weapons to keep the waves of enemy germs at bay. The spawn rate of the enemies is very similar to the classic Geometry Wars and the enemy design principles as well as the AI director to spawn enemies dynamically was also inspired by Left4Dead but controlling only one ship with two players is similar to Lovers in Dangerous Space Time so the influence is rather diverse.

Physical teamwork in this fast-paced action shooter is a necessity so choose your teammate well as you’ll need to communicate if you want to succeed. Players who pull the ship in opposite directions will find themselves unmoving and if the attacks aren’t focused, the weapons are less effective. Both players will also need to avoid each other’s fingers in the likes of a miniature version of Twister thus teamwork will result in greater damage, meaning the waves will be much easier to defeat.

Monster Medic will be releasing tomorrow for iOS platforms, more specifically the iPad and will be available on the App Store here.

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