Monster Prom – Review
Follow Genre: Dating sim
Developer: Beautiful Glitch
Publisher: Those Awesome Guys
Platforms: PC, MAc, Linux
Tested on: PC

Monster Prom – Review

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Bad: Might get repetitive rather fast, missing some sound effects
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We’ve all encountered it. High school is getting at its end and prom is getting near. Some would like to avoid this event altogether while for a lot of people it is a way to finally get some quality time with their crush. At any rate, it can bring you some stress especially the preparation of asking your date. In Monster Prom, this is even worse as you can choose between a variety of special people. Get ready for some silly events and feisty conversations.

Monster Prom


Sometimes you might wonder what teenage monsters do during the day, and this game surely answers the question. This colorful bunch of fiends just go to school, learning all about scamming, violence, haunting and so on. Rather hard to fit in from the beginning, but you’ll need to fight, lie, murder your way to your date’s heart in three weeks. Of course, wooing is done in an atypical way so you’re in for a lot of fun conversations and weird plot twists.

It would have been nice if there were a lot of different scenarios but if you play the game for a while you’ll notice there are quite some events being repeated. Especially since there are only six people to choose from. This wouldn’t be noticeable when the game goes on for a few hours, but as the longest game is one hour when playing solo, chances are high you’re going to play more than one go.

Monster Prom


Although Monster Prom might sound like something gory, it’s quite the opposite. Everything is drawn in a cartoony style and every character has its own specific characteristics which is mostly linked to his or her race in the demon world. For example, our good friend Damien has his hellish red color and some nice demonic horns, while the werewolf Scott has his tail all wagging and more body hair than a razor could ever handle. The environments are in the same style, so expect some more comical-like sceneries, although you won’t actually go into the several rooms or locations. A pop-up shows up with some details about the location in the background, but the biggest attention is going to the possible prom dates.


Just like the graphics, don’t expect any dark tracks but more fitting, hip and young sounds that will give you the urge to continue this path of love, deceit and destruction. When you boot the game for the first time, you can choose to have some voice interactions or not. To be honest, choosing for the first option doesn’t seem to have any difference as there is barely any voice-acting foreseen except some short lines. This is compensated by some of the effects, although some of them are subtle and there are times that there isn’t anything present except the music. This certainly makes the game feel somewhat empty now and then, when it should be bustling with energy.

Monster Prom


Monster Prom is a dating simulator in a rather strange world. At the beginning of the game, you have to choose your character out of a few possibilities. Afterwards, you have to answer some questions and depending on your replies, you will already have a head start for certain wooable characters. It’s your task to persuade that one person into going to the prom with you. This can be anyone though, so go and follow your heart … or love for sarcasm. Don’t expect chasing this entity around the school, but you’ll be dropped into several events where you have to choose a suitable option. Depending on your choice, you gain or lose some points in your stats and reputation with the involved people. It’s in your favor to choose answers that might sound suitable or the most logical for the person you’re trying to court. Sometimes, the most disturbing answer might have a really nice outcome, so don’t be scared to go all out.

Monster Prom

Certain parts of the school will help you gain certain stats. For example, the backyard is a fun location (mostly because of all the rad parties) while the gym is mostly a boost for your charisma. Gaining higher stats might be beneficial as well for your relationships, so keep that in mind when you need to choose your next destination. Sometimes you might notice a cat avatar next to a certain location and this means that you’ll be able to visit the shop there. The available items are … rather disturbing sometimes, but you’ll be able to trigger some other events for example so it might be worth investing some money in some of these objects.

You can tackle this game solo or you can get together with some friends and play with up to four people. Everyone gets to choose a playable character, but there is a catch. If someone already visited a location, the others can’t go there anymore. Between each in-game day, the order of playing is determined by a few random questions. For example, at first you need to say the first animal that comes into your head, while the second question might be which of your answers will be more likely to start world domination. There is also an online function when you want to play together with friends that can’t just come over that easily.

Monster Prom

After selecting the amount of players, you can also choose to get a short game or a longer one. The first type will be three ‘weeks’ and one week consists out of three events: morning, lunch and afternoon. This means you’ll have nine moments to get closer to that special one. The longer variant is double the time. Depending of the amount of people you’re playing with, a long one can go from one to two hours and there is no way of saving your game. So, if you want to play with four people, keep in mind that you’ll have to sit it out.


Monster Prom is dating simulator in a rather unusual way. You’ll be thrown in a demonic world where you have to try and score a date for Monster Prom, by getting into the most weird events. Graphically, you’ll be venturing in a more comical environment with fun characters and while the music is rather uplifting, you might miss some more sound effects and voice acting at times. As you can choose to go solo or team up with up to four people, and the duration of a game, this title could be something fun to play when you’re having a get-together with friends and you’re in for some (evil) laughing.

Monster Prom

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Monster Prom - Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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