Moo Lander new Demo out now


Developer The Sixth Hammer announced some new features for their upcoming title, Moo Lander. Starting with unlockable abilities, worthy enemy AI, Cow boss battles, beautiful art style, self-recorded orchestral music, RPG elements, multiplayer, and lots of other dairy products (pun intended), the game seems well on its way to its full release.

All these features can now be experienced via the new free demo on Steam.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Unlockables – Camouflage modes, Lander tech, the milk shield, saber, and more milk arsenal is awaiting!
  • The Ancient Mighty Cows – New reworked Cow bosses with a unique style and home-brewed cow AI. Both are available in single and mooltiplayer.
  • Demo Length – The Moo Lander demo is now extended to about 25 minutes of intense gameplay, not including the mooltiplayer option.
  • The Mooltiplayer – Opportunity to play as ‘The Cow’. The demo presents several special arena maps and two multiplayer mods – PvP and PvE. Gather some friends to go up against the AI cows, or gear up and do a 2 Landers vs 2 Cows, all controlled by the players.
  • Mars is one beautiful place – With upgraded art, graphics, particle effects, and shaders, Moo Lander will mesmerize you with detail and beauty. Immerse yourself within the strange planet that is Mars – with its lush flora, dangerous, but memorable fauna, and environmental hazards
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