Mooie Navels #7 Haast Volmaakt Geluk – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Comedy
Written by: Dubuc
Illustrations: Delaf
Coloring: BenBK
Publisher: Dupuis

Mooie Navels #7 Haast Volmaakt Geluk – Comic Book Review

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In every school there are these girls who call themselves ‘it-girls’, trying to be the new Serena or Blair. In Mooie Navels, Jenny and Vicky are no exception to that rule. They might have the looks, but aren’t that smart, to say it nicely. These two, together with Karin, who plays in a band and got more lucky when it comes to brains, take the lead in this humorous comic book series.


Mooie Navels #7 consists out of several gags which all add to the one big storyline. The three girls all have difficulty maintaining their love life. Vicky pretends to like everything her boyfriend James proposes, even though the robot movies and documentaries about taxation can hardly keep her focused for one minute. Jenny has a hard time deciding which guy to choose. There is her boyfriend John-Frank, who has great abs, but apart from that hasn’t got that much to offer, and then there is Hugo. Hugo is chubby, but very sweet and caring and Jenny might just be falling in love with him. The only problem is that he’s too ugly to be seen with, thus she keeps up appearances with John-Frank. Karin is slowly starting to gain some prominence with her band and is offered a contract for a national tour. Unfortunately the singer, whom she happens to love, is depressed. The band will have to convince him to go on tour, while Karin tries to convince him that true love does exist.

For Jenny and Vicky, the only thing that matters is appearance and making sure they’re noticed. They have the looks but lack the brains. This makes the gags rather cliché at times. Karin proves to be a nice change, as she has more of the brains and less of the looks and isn’t that predictable. It’s nice to see that the gags form one big story, but this story hasn’t got that much value to it, just like the main characters. Nonetheless it is entertaining enough. A fun approach in some of the gags is when you see little creatures inside Jenny’s brain trying to control her in order to make her appear less stupid. This is a quite original and well thought of idea that Dubuc came up with. The gags often have a lot of text to wade through, which sometimes takes away the fluency and thus also takes away part of the joke. This is a shame, as the gags themselves aren’t too bad.

Delaf’s illustrations are quite cliché as well, which suits the series perfectly. Boobs, bellies and butts are obviously the most important features the girls have to offer. The characters’ eyes are very big, allowing them to show many different emotions in a clear fashion.


Mooie Navels #7 Haast Volmaakt Geluk more or less has it both: gags as well as a storyline. Whilst this is a fun idea, the story doesn’t develop that much and the gags can be a tad predictable. Nonetheless, you are presented with fifty pages full of gags, which should keep you busy for quite a while. The illustrations match the scenario and the characters very well. This comic book series will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but will certainly amuse those amongst us who don’t like their humor too complicated.

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Mooie Navels #7 Haast Volmaakt Geluk - Comic Book Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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