Moonlighter’s Friends & Foes update released today

Moonlighter’s Friends & Foes update released today

Today, Digital Sun and 11 Bit Studios have released the ‘Friends & Foes’ update for Moonlighter on all platforms.

This update will add a lot of content to the game. First, 9 new familiars have been added with this update. These familiars will be available for everyone. You will get these new companions by slaying specific enemies ten times. When you’ve done this, a special egg will appear containing one of the new familiars. This egg will hatch after staying inside your farm for three days. Each familiar has different mechanics, they can damage your enemies, restore your life, obtain items, act as an additional chest and more.

This update also adds 8 new minibosses that will appear as guardians of the dungeons, securing gateways that lead to deeper rooms. When visiting the dungeons at night, Zenon will be there at his campfire. He will tell you some old stories about Rynoka and Moonlighter’s world. These stories will be unlocked along the game’s progression. Tomo has also received some more lines to describe her relationship with Will.

The banker has also been upgraded with some special warning and UI changes to prevent the Banker “stealing” your money. Now you can sort your items in the inventory and the option to get the Broom from Le Retailer has been added as this is important for unlocking some of the achievements within the game. A new system for the shop has been added to improve the visibility of price changes.

You can check out the trailer for the ‘Friends & Foes’ update below to see what’s been added.


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