More information on The Order 1886

More information on The Order 1886

Protect the human race alongside the knights of The Order: 1886 and battle the genetically deviating Half-breeds and rebels. Taking up the gauntlet as Sir Galahad, you get the chance to rewrite history during the Victorian age. Hesitate no longer and discover the technological weaponry. Throw yourself in the fray to eliminate the rebels and fight against humankinds demise!

The Order: 1886 is a Playstation 4 exclusive game. The story takes place in the Victorian age in London. In this age there’s a war between mankind andĀ Half-breeds. Aforementioned are the result of a genetic deviation. The war is all about power and survival. When the rebels come out of hiding, the knights of The Order face a real challenge. The amount of rebels is growing by the day and their mission is to oppress the government and challenge The Orders’ authority.

You can join The Order. A brotherhood formed by the Knights of the Round Table. They won’t bow to the Half-Breeds, they will do whatever it takes to maintain order. To achieve this you can use the innovative functions of the game. Use the Arc Gun to eliminate targets from afar, or douse your enemies in a cloud of volatile chemicals that you can ignite with the thermite gun. Are your knights wounded? Despair not. Blackwater heals all ailments. This mysterious liquid will make knights more alert, giving them better aim.

This war between mankind and Half-breeds has been going on for centuries and the rebels aren’t helping The Order. It’s about time for you to step up and rescue mankind!

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