More news revealed for Blood Bowl 3

More news revealed for Blood Bowl 3

Blood Bowl 3 – developed by developers studio Cyanide – is a game all about strategy, guts, risk, and luck. The game is going to be much more fun, has much more gore, and will be more spectacular than ever to delight fans of the universe and competitive players alike. At launch, the game features 12 races, each with their own arena and cheerleading squad, a campaign, multiplayer modes, and a wealth of customization options. The developers have made sure to make the game accessible to newcomers with a redesigned interface, easy-to-use feedback, and flexible timers. New content will be added regularly after the launch.

During the Games Made in France-event, project leader Gautier Brésard and game designer Basile Bastian revealed which 12 teams will be available at the launch of the game. In addition to the must-have Human, Orc, Dark Elf, Elven Union, Skaven, Dwarf, Nurgle, and Chaos Chosen teams, four new teams will be added, including two from the new edition of the board game: the Black Orcs and the Imperial Nobility. The last party can use special abilities to limit the movements of opponents. The last two teams are none other than the Old World Alliance, made up of dwarves and humans, and the Chaos Renegades made up of players who play so dirty and mean that no other team wants them. Each team can use its own strategy for overplaying, dodging, or knocking opponents to the ground.

Blood Bowl 3 will run on the Unreal Engine and will be the most faithful video game version of the board game to date. For example, the game introduces Special Play Cards, which players can use to give units temporary abilities or kill a member of the opposing team before the match starts. Cyanide has also put its own spin on the Blood Bowl 3 spoof world with a campaign mode and an addition of other characters such as Sponsors and the charismatic Star Players that will challenge players of the game.

Finally, the developers also revealed more about the customization options. Which is already more than in previous editions. The options include customization options for colors, patterns, logos, armor pieces, stadiums, and many other elements. After launch, Blood Bowl 3 will get even more content, competitions, tweaks, and community support.

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