Morphies Law – Review
Follow Genre: Shooter
Developer: Cosmoscope GmbH
Publisher: Cosmoscope GmbH
Platforms: PC, Switch
Tested on: PC

Morphies Law – Review

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Dias De Los Muertos is a popular Mexican holiday that honors those who have fallen in the trial called life. What makes this fest so popular are the many colorful face paintings that represent the skeleton. In shooter games, many soldiers will fall and with this strange mindset, you could understand the setting of Morphies Laws a bit. This is a very fun and goofy third-person shooter set in the colorful theme of Dias De Los Muertos.


Well, there isn’t really a story or background information concerning Morphies Law, the only thing explained is that the game is about robots fighting each other in a friendly match with funny weapons and even more lucrative settings. Overall, it just seems that two teams of Morphies are battling it out on whose master will become the biggest in this match. Each master is a huge Morphie that is overlooking the map, which serves as the score indicator since fighting makes it grow. The absence of the story isn’t bothersome at all because players will spend more time playing matches or customizing their character rather than wasting it on watching a story.


Those that are familiar with Dias De Los Muertos will instantly think of the vivid colors people use in dressing up and making up of characters. Morphies Law really took inspiration from this festivity and lets all the characters look like tributes to the holiday. While teams are still separated in blue and red, all the customizations done to your robots involve a wink to this Mexican icon. Many maps are set in traditional South American settings with very polished and bright images. The game also runs at a very good frame-rate while putting many animations fluently on your screen. Imagine hectic battles like in Unreal Tournament but instead of exploding limbs, you have transforming body parts.


As traditional as the setting is, the music also takes you back to the land of the sombrero. The guitars and castanets that even the players can use make the game into a living festival. Sound effects are good, weapons sound the part and have this cartoonish twist to them. Sadly, jumping around and using your butt rockets won’t make your character fart all the time, which would have been a cool feature.


Morphies Law is a goofy third-person shooter in which you must steal health from enemies to grow yourself. This game’s play mechanic is a really interesting one and has its benefits and drawbacks. To explain this in an easy manner: the place where you hit the enemy makes it shrink on their side and grow on your side. Being larger will grant you many benefits ranging from less recoil, more health, and faster movement, but will make you easier to hit and you won’t be able to get into certain environmental events because you are too big. This is a really fun and new concept that is worked out very well. If a part can’t become any smaller or larger, you still can do damage to an enemy. The same rule applies if you want to heal, for which you need to steal this health from your opponent. This could make 1v1 battles really long so it’s best to stick around with a teammate and have the jump on the opponent. Each team consists of four players and the higher their score, the larger their Morphie god will get. The biggest one defeats the other one at the end of the match.

While this idea sounds great on paper and the general gameplay is very good, there is sadly one little drawback to the general concept. The game is focused on online play and with servers being currently pretty empty, you will be left duking it out against bots. In offline modes, you will still level up and earn bolts to buy new parts and upgrades. However, daily challenges are online only and will provide a bigger boost to your character.

The player gets a lot of customization options for their Morphie. Each body part can be customized cosmetically and each Morphie allows for custom weapons to be built and abilities to be equipped. These weapons consist out of a main and secondary attack, the main is for damage and the alt attack is to improve performance depending on the situation (like having a barrage of missiles to hit those pesky small enemies).

The game plays and controls very well, during fights there never really is a moment where you frustratingly blame the controller for not doing a good job. The good performance and optimization of everything ensure that the player is always in full control.


Morphies Law is a fun and goofy game that can attract all kinds of audiences, from kids wanting to play a shooter game that isn’t Splatoon to teenagers that want to train on something else than Fortnite and adults that can e2njoy the interesting mechanics that the game uses. Its great graphics and sound will draw you in and the gameplay will make sure that you want to play another round at 3 am in the morning. Customizing your character gives that extra personal touch while not exaggerating like some other games.

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Morphies Law - Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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