Moss VR – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Developer: Polyarc
Publisher: Polyarc
Available on: PC, PS4
Tested on: PC

Moss VR – Review

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Bad: would have been nice to have a normal adaptation without the limits of vr
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Moss may remind you of the green and welcoming parts of the woods, this is exactly where the game will take you to. You’ll go on a big trip with loads of adventure and slowly but surely your bond with Quill, the main character, will grow. Time to get sucked into the Virtual World and enjoy this relaxing trip as the water will flow right at your feet and the book of life gets filled page by page.


Slowly we are pulled into the beautiful world of Quill. This little mouse is on an adventure when she meets a strange ghost-like creature. Being weary at first Quill will discover that her journey cannot be completed without the help of this mysterious stranger. This Entity will guide her through the ups and downs that she will encounter. Intrigued Quill wants to tell her uncle everything that starts to happen, so together you make your way into town. Uncle is not at home and at this time we meet a Starling, these little mischief bringers pull our main character outside and this is where the real story begins. Will she ever see her uncle again? To find out you should take some time and slowly sit through the story as it progresses. Narration is very fluent and it will keep you nicely informed and hooked until the end.


Moss just looks amazing, it has the ability of creating this light and Zen-like atmosphere that will keep the player calm in even the hardest scenarios. Because of its lovely looks, the moment everything turns dark it shocks the player when breaking this ideal world. The animations of the characters are very fluent and you notice much work has been done into building everything. The game is a powerhouse when it comes to graphics, but for slower PCs even on lower graphical settings everything can be enjoyed while the quality stays on point.


As Moss is a game that is enjoyed strongly by its story, a good storyteller is needed. This is all done by a narrator that has this beautiful and smooth voice. The atmosphere is so detailed that you get pulled into the world. The forest has many sounds and effects, just like it should and it only helps the game that there is no music playing. A session of Moss is like playing an audio-book, relaxing and intriguing.


Moss is an adventure game in Virtual Reality that mixes platforming and action with a strong narrated story to create a unique experience. In its essence the game looks like an audio-book that you follow, but instead of watching a movie this game blends various genres together. Mainly you have the puzzle/platformer action in which you use your powers to manipulate objects and surroundings, this while moving Quill around in the dark world. Sometimes you must move things or shed some light over the situation, other times the game purely concentrates on the action. If an enemy is encountered there is no other choice but to fight. Quill is a true hero that will not stand down from a battle and with her sharp sword she must (and will) defeat evil. Combat can be done straight to the point but Quill has some moves up her sleeve, roll around to dodge incoming attacks, or climb on surfaces to get away safely.

Most of the gameplay will be platforming and puzzle solving, while the brain-teasers are solved with the help of the free movement in VR. As this is rather simple, it would have been great to have a normal title of Moss. The only thing that will limit how fast you can go through the story will be your stamina as playing in VR is a very draining activity.

Controlling our little heroine is very easy to do (tested on Oculus Rift), the controls are very responsive to the input of the buttons and while some platformer parts can be a tad frustrating, even the more difficult parts can easily be conquered because the whole experience sits super flush.


Moss is an astonishing beautiful VR experience, this fully narrated game grabs your hand as you traverse the lands and slowly but surely you get to know the whole story about little Quill’s adventure. We hope that there might be a normal adaptation once for those without VR so they can sit through this magical journey as well.

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Rating: 7.0/10 (2 votes cast)
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Moss VR – Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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