MotoGP 15 reveals Real Events 2014 Mode

MotoGP 15 reveals Real Events 2014 Mode

Next month Milestone s.r.l. will once again open the path to the thrilling world of motor racing with MotoGP 15. This third chapter in the series already promises to plunge players into what makes motor riding great. Get ready for bike, rider and team customisation with more than 100 accessories. Pick from 20 bike models across 3 classes and 40 different liveries, and match your motorhome to the level of your stardom!

The game furthermore features an Enhanced Career Mode, Beat the Time Mode in which it is your aim to beat the records set on specific circuits with a particular bike, the Real Events 2014 Mode in which you can relive last season and much much more. Can’t wait to live the experience yourself? Then make sure to watch the Real Events 2014 Trailer below!

MotoGP 15 will be available on the 19th of June 2015 on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.
For more info, please check the following links:

[1] Announcement trailer
[2] Pre-order bonus details

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