MotoGP 19 – Innovative new AI announced!

MotoGP 19 – Innovative new AI announced!

Milestone announces a new AI based on neural networks, called A.N.N.A., which will make its debut in MotoGP 19. MotoGP 19 will be released June 6th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC (via Steam). The game will be released for Nintendo Switch at a later date.

A.N.N.A (an acronym for Artificial Neural Network Agent) will provide a challenge like no other AI before did, with smarter and faster opponents who will take advantage of each mistake the player makes. Because of the neural-based network, the AI ​​behaves completely differently; developers no longer need to program predefined actions, they give the AI ​​an order and the tools to achieve it. Then, through a complicated reward system, they “teach” the AI ​​which actions to take to achieve its assignment and which to use to counter. The AI ​​teaches itself which actions to take. This learning is also called reinforcement learning and allows to create an AI that is extremely aware of its environment and the consequences of its actions, completely different from traditional AI.

The result is extremely realistic and natural driving behavior, with driving systems, maneuvers and techniques that are comparable to those of a professional driver. In terms of performance, the lap times of Neural AI are close to the lap times of a professional motorcyclist, and are faster than a traditional AI system. The behavior in a group is aggressive but fair, which means that the AI ​​is always ready to take advantage of mistakes. The difficulty level can be adjusted to accommodate all players. In contrast, the challenge has never been so great for our hardcore MotoGP fans!

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