MotoGP 19 releases today

MotoGP 19 releases today

MotoGP has always been a staple of motorsport and their series has greatly improved over the years. As like any annual game we will be reviewing the 2019 version as soon as it gets to us. For those who don’t want to wait and just want to pick it up from the store will find it sitting in the shelves for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC with the Switch version being delayed until June 27th.

Play the game in either the new 2019 Grand Prix, start as a freshman in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup or participate in the environmental friendly electric bike class. Thanks to innovations, the A.I. has been greatly overhauled thanks to A.N.N.A, a neural interface that can bring ultra realistic opposition to the playing field. Don’t want to test out your skills against the real Valentino Rossi? Fully adjust their difficulty so they are as skilled as your local sixteen year old.

Online has been improved with Dedicated Servers to insure smooth gameplay and the best connectivity. Relive historical races with or without friends and stand out from the crowd thanks to the many customization options available.

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