Motor Strike: Racing Rampage out TODAY on Steam

Motor Strike: Racing Rampage out TODAY on Steam

Motor Strike: Racing Rampage, a demented shooting racing game in which you can play alone, with your friends in the 4-split screen mode, or even with up to 8 crazy racers in the online mode, is being released in Early Access TODAY on Steam. The final end version will include a new battle arena mode, challenge mode, and a campaign mode as well as more weapons and cars, and tracks.

During Early Access, which will last for 6 months, you’ll have access to a full racing game. Choose one of the 14 different vehicles, 7 heavy weapons, and a lot of skills, and be ready to defeat your enemies in more than 20 different tracks.

Features (during EA)

  • More than 20 tracks in six types of environments!
  • 14 insane vehicles with unique style and skills.
  • Your race, your rules, many different game modes, and race directives!
  • 7 different artillery weapons to combat your friends and enemies.
  • New gameplay mechanics like the Strike Back or the Rolling Strike!
  • Local Mode with split-screen and online up to 8 players

Read more about the roadmaps right below the Steam trailer for Motor Strike: Racing Rampage

Early Access Short-term Roadmap

  • Check and finish the Tutorials (outdated)
  • Improve and correct the localization for the already supported languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese)
  • Improve input management: Rebinding for controllers and Keyboard
  • Audio improvements and gameplay balance
  • Activate Dexterities progression
  • General bug fixing and performance optimization

Early access Long-term Roadmap

  • Campaign Mode
  • Challenge Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • Better game balance and AI
  • New Cars
  • New Scenes
  • Steam additional features
  • New weapons
  • More…
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