Munin – Review
Follow Genre: Indie, Puzzle, Adventure, Casual
Developer: Gojira Games
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux (Steam)

Munin – Review

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Good: Visually and auditory the game is brilliant
Bad: Tedious character control, no controller support, steep learning curve of puzzle solving
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Munin is an adventurous puzzle game developed by the Portugal based developer Gojira. Surprisingly enough, this is Gojira’s first actual game to be released. Previously Gojira has created apps and interactive books but none of them can truly match the creativity that is visible in Munin. Published by Daedalic Entertainment, Munin is available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

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The storyline comes from the Norse mythology of Huginn and Muninn, both faithful messengers of Odin. In fact, those who read the storyline will see familiar names and places that will immediately remind them of Thor but the game is not about Odin nor his son Thor. It is about Munin, one of the most trustworthy messengers of Odin. Due to some unfortunate events and an evil character named Loki, yes you know he’s evil, Munin now roams the lands as a mortal girl. Deprived of her wings, she travels the nine worlds of Yggdrasil to recover the feathers that were taken from her so that she may return to Asgard.


In Munin, you will play in a 2D side-scrolling environment with a rotation mechanic that allows you to alter the environment. From the backdrops to the carefully crafted levels to Munin herself, it all visually stands out as it may as well be a painting hanging in your living room. As the storyline comes from the Norse mythology, the overall graphics of the game reveal the same theme with minor details such as the dragon ornaments from the traditional Viking ships. Here and there you will also be able to find bits and pieces or Nordic runes, carefully planted in the scene.

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The soundtrack in Munin is soothing with soft horn blows every once in a while, again reminding us of the Nordic theme of the game. A clinging sound, much like coins in a leather bound satchel, will alert you of having picked up a feather. The boulders that fall down and hit sturdy walls, or now floors, can also be notably heard. Other environmental sounds are quite clear and every material has its own unique type of sound.


As mentioned before, Munin uses a rotation mechanic that allows you to rotate sections of the level. The difficulty increases rather fast when multiple sections of the landscape rotate together, especially when you cannot rotate a section where Munin’s human form is standing in. This serves for a very steep learning curve but it also serves for countless of hours of gameplay. The nine worlds you will travel each have their own mechanic or main object to solve the puzzles. These objects will be influenced by the realistic physics. Boulders can fall down, destroy walls and rocks made of debris or they can act as an advantage point to get to higher grounds. Watery substances such as lava and water will flow just the same or can be trapped.

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The controls are dead simple in Munin. You don’t need much other than A and D to move, spacebar or right mouse button to jump and the left mouse button to rotate sections. However, it is the control of your character that is utterly maddening. The biggest issue is when the protagonist has to crawl up ladders or stairs. The majority of games allows you to move left, or right, as soon as the upper body of the character is above the ground level. However, in Munin this is not the case at all. If you try this same technique, Munin will jump off the ladder, possibly falling to her demise. The game requires you to completely finish the stairs and wait until her feet touch the ground. This is a very unnerving technique for any type of player. That fact brings us to the aspect of dying in the game as dying will result into a complete restart of the level. With levels that only have a few rotation requirements, this is more than fine. On the other hand, having to restart a level where you are required to do a ton of rotations can be a tad tedious. Especially if you were almost at the very last feather.

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All-in-all the game is fine. It is not the most engaging and enjoyable puzzle game I have played to date due to the steep learning curve of the complex puzzles that is possibly slightly too steep and the tedious character control. This will provide you with plenty of hours of gameplay though. The graphical style in Munin is visually striking and this is something that will pull many players in. Not to be feared, the soundtrack is just as brilliant as the visuals. The controls are easy to use which makes the game accessible for almost anyone.

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Munin - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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