Muse Dash – Announced for Switch and PC!

Muse Dash – Announced for Switch and PC!

Good news for fans of rhythm games! A rhythm game, called Muse Dash, that has been popular in Japan for a while, is finally coming to PC worldwide and for the Nintendo Switch in a few regions!

Muse Dash was named best indie of 2018 and was also given the Players’ Choice award. The game is an action side-scroller where everything is to the beat of the tracks. There will be over 80 unique J-Pop, Pop, Trance and Vocaloid songs to play. A variety of stages and enemies will be tied to the genre of music, so there is a lot to discover.  With only 2 buttons to control the game, it is easily learned by every type of player.

Muse Dash will launch for Switch and PC in June 2019. The switch version will come with the DLC of all previous versions included and the PC version will come with a time-limited exclusive Mariia skin and the DLC available separately.

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