Muse Dash launches today

Muse Dash launches today

Rhythm games are always fun to play, and Muse Dash is no exception. This title brings the stereotypical hyper-Japanese style to your PC and Switch. With its simple two button controls and over 90 unique Pop, Trance, Vocaloid and J-Pop songs, there will be some very fast paced songs to master.

Key features include:

  • Over 90 songs to master in-game (DLC included)
  • A variety of stages, enemies, and bosses to face representing different music genres
  • 3 unique heroines to play, different pets with various mechanics, and unlockable outfits with different skills
  • Leaderboards for each song to challenge yourself against the very best
  • High-level difficulty options for rhythm game players who want to master Muse Dash
  • Nintendo Switch purchase will come with free DLC updates post-launch!
  • Limited time Marija skin on both platforms for early purchasers

When the game is released worldwide, the Switch version will include the DLC, while the PC version has this separately. Base PC game is $2.39/ €2.39/ £2.79 and $19.99/ €19.99/ £16.79 for the DLC pass and the Switch game is $26.99/ €26.99/ £26.99. Check out the trailer below and might convince you to get this title if you love music games!

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