MX vs ATV Legends Season One exclusive box edition

MX vs ATV Legends Season One exclusive box edition

Big news today from publisher THQ Nordic and developer Rainbow Studios as they have just announced a special physical-only box edition for MX vs ATV Legends Season One. This special boxed version contains both the base game and the complete first season DLC that added a large amount of new content and updates to the game. For those who haven’t enjoyed racing in the great outdoors, this might be the ideal opportunity to get into it. As in MX vs ATV Legends, you race in three different divisions: MX, ATV and UTV. As how the career mode is designed you basically have three different career paths that can be enjoyed at the same time. Besides the game being already quite long and the large amount of love that the developers have put in bringing the players a boatload of new content, it is quite curious what they will add in the second season.

Key features of MX VS ATV Legends:

  • Compete in the new career mode where your choices lead to different paths, sponsorship opportunities and special, invitational events!
  • Explore massive open environments including the California coastline!
  • Experience the brand-new Trails mode for high-intensity, point-to-point outdoor racing – prepare to be dropped into a starting gate in the middle of a mountain range alongside your friends and face a course defined by Mother Nature’s relentless challenges!
  • Race in 2-player split-screen and 16-player online mode with squad-based gameplay.
  • Customize your rider and vehicles with the latest parts and gear from the leading manufacturers in off-road racing.
  • Ride berms and ruts with higher precision than ever before with the refined physics system.

All the new items in Season One:

  • Various vehicle physics improvements and tweaks, both on the ground and mid-air and especially for riding berms
  • Improved tuning of power and weight of various vehicles and vehicular types
  • Improved engine SFX and misc other audio elements
  • Improved rider animations, stunt animations and wreck conditions (when riders crash and/or fall off the vehicle), visual fidelity for environments, particles and vehicles
  • Improved overall performance on all platforms
  • Improved AI behavior for all difficulty modes
  • Increased Online Squad size to 16 players and online gameplay and matchmaking
  • Improved terrain deformation and added a user softness setting for deformation strength
  • Added lots and lots of new rider gear and also added color modulations for gear items with the ability to split for jerseys and pants, so they can be equipped independently
  • Added new tuning parts and vehicle customization items, like graphics kits, and aftermarket performance parts
  • Added skin tone selection for rider character
  • Additional button configurations
  • Added option for the squad and private lobbies
  • Added feature to prevent idle players from blocking track sections in online mode
  • Track DLCs: Slayground DLC by the homie Axell “Slay” Hodges and Supercross World Tour which featured six huge and challenging tracks in Japan, Australia, and Italy with indoor and outdoor sections. 2022 AMA Pro Motocross Championship series + Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship
  • Vehicle DLCs: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, Polaris.

The physical version for MX vs ATV Legends Season One release on July 4th, 2023 For Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

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