MXGP PRO – Review
Follow Genre: motocross racing game
Developer: Milestone
Publisher: Milestone
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Tested on: PS4

MXGP PRO – Review

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Motocross is a dangerous sport that takes some serious skill and balls in order to complete the neck breaking events it has to offer. Lucky for those who don’t want to risk serious injury there have been games in which you can play it for decades. the MXGP franchise has been around for some time and this year they come with a new installment named PRO. Many things have been improved and roaring engines will be heard.


Unlike many other race titles the Story of MXGP PRO starts a bit different. In most games you are a newbie that needs to work their way up. In this game you already are a signed racer and have free choice over a handful of vehicles and sponsors to trick it out. Yet the world is not at your feet, prove yourself against others and manage your PR in order to keep rivalry in balance.  During progress there will be enough updates about how other drivers see you and how the world looks at the things you accomplish. When getting more famous, better sponsors will want to sign you and this is how you climb to the top.


Most of the times games these days will look very good, and MXGP PRO looks good but feels lacking in some sections. Everything looks sleek and graphics are pretty nice but the constant loading and details popping in ruin the overall experience. Remember the old days where everything was loaded first in low details and popped in a few seconds later when it all was loaded? Yes it happens constantly here. Another element that is absent is the staining of everything. Constantly you are racing in dirt and mud but everything stays very clean, that’s a bummer for a motocross game. However the other details that are done in the game do look nice and are well made.

Driving around can be done with a few camera angles, it is fun to drive around in cockpit view but what’s even nicer is the helmet cam. Sadly this feels like a cheap filter that’s been made in a few minutes in paint.


Off-road bikes have always been keen to have this distinctive exhaust node. In this game there is nothing different. With the selection of both two and four stroke engines each race has these mixed sounds ringing through the airwaves. Two strokes have this high pitched ring while the four stroke has a more deep roar. In the menu there is some generic modern music but during races there are no background tracks to be heard.


MXGP PRO is a off-road racing game that pits the player with a speedy bike in-between their legs. Many of these games have always been more arcade-ish but now the developers wanted to make a more realistic title, and succeeded. The developers aimed to make the handling very realistic, which means you’ll notice a distinct difference when handling your bike on the ground or in the air. The best tip there is to each person that wants to play this game is to never give up and carefully take on the tutorials first. If you follow those you will surely stand a real chance on the track.

The game controls quite well, because the game is pointed towards realism you must take in consideration that you need to have complete control over your iron horse. Racing is not just accelerating and steering, no you must shift your weight and take the right approach to get that podium finish.

While growing your fame, the urge to stand out increases and MXGP plays on that need with various options. Customizing your rider can be done with many licensed items including helmet, goggles, suits, boots and neck braces but be ready to pay your hard earned credits. Tricking out the bike is much more explicit with almost every part that is replaceable with again real parts that sponsors donate you.

Next to racing in one of the many events (from Championship to Time Trial and Career mode) the main game is actually played in this huge free ride lobby in which you can enjoy and get to learn to ride your bike at your own pace, or just unwind from that stressful championship.


MXGP PRO is a cool motocross simulator that has been nicely made with firm gameplay and many customization options. The graphics are pretty but the attention to details should’ve been done better. The career will let you become a famous loved or hated driver and grab those good paying sponsors. This series used to be very arcade but also fun, and recently they started becoming more and more realistic while still being very amusing for all kinds of gamers.

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Rating: 7.0/10 (1 vote cast)
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MXGP PRO - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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