My Big Fat Greek Wedding (DVD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Romantic Comedy
Director: Joel Zwick
Distributor: eOne
Duration: 95 minutes

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (DVD) – Movie Review

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, the sequel of the film we’re about to review, has only hit the theatres a few months ago, and thus it was to be expected that the original movie would be released on DVD once again, more than a decade after its original release. Truth be told, not that much has changed since then, not when it comes to love anyway. With a good dose of romance and comedy, it’s still a story that might amuse both young and old.

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Toula Portakalos (Nia Vardalos) grew up in a Greek family in America. After she finished school, she started working at her parents’ restaurant. For Greek women – that’s how her family sees it anyway -, the most important goal in life is to get married to a Greek man and have children. That’s why Toula’s family is really starting to get worried about her, since she is 30 and still without a husband. She has more ambitions than just getting married and starting a family though, and thus she enrolls in a computer class and starts working at her aunt’s travel agency.

One day while she’s at work, Toula meets Ian (John Corbett), a cheerful, good looking teacher. It doesn’t take long before the two fall in love and they enjoy a happy time together, despite the fact that Toula’s family can’t know about their relationship, since Ian is not of Greek descent. For a while, the two are having the time of their life, but Toula’s family eventually finds out anyway, as was bound to happen. They are against their relationship, but when Ian asks Toula to marry him and she accepts, her family will have to live with it. Or rather, Ian will have to live with Toula’s crazy family.

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Unlike the title suggests, this film is more about Toula’s family and their family customs, and about Toula and Ian’s love, rather than about their wedding itself. Of course getting married is an important theme in the movie, but if you’re in to really enjoy a traditional Greek wedding, you could get slightly disappointed. That doesn’t take away the enjoyable storyline though. While Toula is more of an introvert person and would love to have a ‘normal’ life, her family makes a big deal out of everything, giving the film a pleasant flow, and you a good laugh every now and then. It’s a romantic comedy just as we like them: not too silly, not too dramatic, yet with enough love and laughter to still fit the bill.

Toula’s family are all convincing enough actors who really bring the right atmosphere of a loud and energetic, slightly pushy family, yet with their heart in the right place. Michael Constantine, the father of the bride, also brings a funny note by playing a strong personality, yet who can look so helpless and sad that you immediately feel sorry for him. John Corbett and Nia Vardalos are, luckily, also quite enjoyable to watch.

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The new release of this film has of course everything to do with the fact that its sequel hit the theatres earlier this year. While it’s definitely a good marketing strategy to release this first film again, it’s too bad there weren’t any extras included. The film doesn’t particularly need extras, yet it’s always fun to have some anyway, as that might be an important reason why people choose to buy a hardcopy. This lack of extras, together with the lack of an options menu (the film just starts playing immediately) makes the whole look a bit like cheap marketing for easy money. It’s too bad, given the film itself is surely worth the watch.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of those typical romantic comedies, yet it’s still fun enough to watch. The clichés are definitely there, but overall the story remains quite tasteful. One downside to this DVD release is the fact that there aren’t any extras available. It’s no big issue, yet it feels a bit like you could have gotten more for your money’s worth. Other than that, it’s an enjoyable Friday night movie with some love, some laughter and a little bit of drama.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding (DVD) - Movie Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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