My Brother Rabbit released today

My Brother Rabbit released today

Artifex Mundi, best known for games such as Grim Legend, Enigmatis, Nightmares of the Deep and Lost Gimores, has released their newest title today. My Brother Rabbit is a heartwarming adventure game which explores children’s ability to cope with gloomy situations through the power of imagination.

A young girl is diagnosed with a serious illness and her parents are doing the best they can to ensure that she receives the best medical care they can afford. Her brother uses their combined imagination and a stuffed toy rabbit to help her cope with the illness. Collectively, the kids dream of a gorgeous Dali-inspired universe paralleling their own. It is in this universe, this land of make-believe, that the rabbit comes to life. His quest is simple; to help his friend, an adorable but sick flower. To do so, the rabbit must use his wits to solve puzzles and mini-games in the impressive surreal world, nursing the flower back to health.

Check out the launch trailer below to get a feel for the game, which has released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac today.

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