MY.GAMES and THE FARM 51 collaborate on the development of the video game, World War 3

MY.GAMES and THE FARM 51 collaborate on the development of the video game, World War 3

Global publisher My.Games and Poland-based developer The Farm 51, have announced their publishing and development partnership on the multiplayer military shooter, World War 3. This partnership gives The Farm 51 the required resources and capability to multiply the magnitude of their upcoming title while preserving the creative control and vision. World War 3 is a game set in a present-day international conflict. The game focuses on teamwork as players battle in tactical online firefights. The Farm 51 is being guided by military experts to ensure genuine, visceral warfare experience featuring ballistics, armor simulation, an arsenal of weapons, and worldwide repercussion for players battles. Maps in the game are based in real-world locations as The Farm 51 are aiming to deliver a real experience with this game.

“We are happy to announce the partnership with MY.GAMES and benefit from their wealth of experience in publishing multiplayer shooters,” said Kamil Bilczynski, Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Farm 51. “Our collaboration with MY.GAMES ensures that we can take a truly global approach to publish World War 3, while remaining faithful to our original vision for the game as we work to enhance its core gameplay, polish mechanics, and push the boundaries of the overall scale of the project.”

The Early Access version of World War 3 will soon be made unavailable to purchase from Steam until further release details are revealed later this year. Those who have already purchased World War 3 will be able to play unhindered, with veteran status and in-game cosmetics being rewarded to early access players upon the game’s release. The Farm 51 is still actively developing World War 3 administering player opinions during its early access phase, while also preparing the game for release.

“World War 3 is a game with enormous potential, and we believe that our partnership with The Farm 51 will allow it to become one of the best large-scale online military shooters on the market,” said Alexey Izotov, Head of Global Operations at MY.GAMES.

The latest features to be introduced to the game throughout 2020 include a new Asian theatre of war, an improved movement system, streamlined updates to existing maps, brand-new UI and HUDs, player progression systems, further weapon customization, and expansive tutorials to help new players. The Farm 51 is also committing to develop new game modes, including a mode chosen by the community, alongside new maps, streaks, weapons, cosmetics, and a greater range of character voice-overs and language options. World War 3 is currently only available on PC.

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MY.GAMES and THE FARM 51 collaborate on the development of the video game, World War 3, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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