My Hero One’s Justice confirms release date for the 26th of October

My Hero One’s Justice confirms release date for the 26th of October

Based on the Weekly Shonen Jump mangas, My Hero One’s Justice is a new 3D arena fighter that pits players against each other in 3v3 fights of the most popular characters in the series. Choose between your favorite U.A. High students like Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Tsuyu Asui, or include pro-heroes like All Might and Eraserhead or villains like Stain, Dabi en Himiko Toga. Each of the combinations of fighters support each other in different ways, such as with their unique team attacks, and they all have their own quirks.

Bandai Namco also announces the following new heroes for the title:

  • MUSCULAR: A new villain joins in the fight, thanks to his game-chaning quirk; Muscle Augmentation, he’ll grow his muscles all over his body, gaining strength in the process.
  • Grand Torino: Even though he’s a pensioner, his students are still very afraid of him! Mentoring All Might and with his quirk, Jet, he’s one of the fastest living heroes, turning back time to fight like the best of them.

Players that pre-order receive “Flame Hero” Endeavor – the #2 Pro Hero, and sworn enemy of All Might and dad of Shoto Todoroki as a playable character.

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