MyDream – Preview
Follow Genre: Sandbox, RPG
Developer: MyDream Interactive
Publisher: MyDream Interactive
Platform: PC, Mac

MyDream – Preview

Good: Interesting features to be added in the future
Bad: Still early in development, switching game modes requires a restart
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Recently MyDream Interactive had their project MyDream funded on Kickstarter. MyDream is a new Minecraft-like game where adventure and creativity is the main feature of the completely modifiable 3D sandbox environment.


Enthusiasts of the popular sandbox genre will be thrilled with MyDream Interactive’s newest game, MyDream, that thrives on the community of creative minds that can spend hours building the perfect adventure for players across the globe. MyDream shows similarities with Minecraft and Utopia Realms with a focus on user generated content that is being hosted on MyDream’s own servers. How about going on a geocaching trip in a mountain area that once was occupied by fierce dragons? You can literally build anything in MyDream, from a futuristic metropolitan to an medieval Asian township. From Egyptian landscapes to jungle labyrinths. If you can dream it, you can build it. However, if building is not your strong suit but storytelling is, you can always collaborate with other players or friends to create the perfect adventure thanks to the means of puzzles, quests and death traps. The old days of having to worry about the sincerity of other players are behind you as a feature is implemented where you can block other users from destroying your dazzling creations. If you find yourself running low on items, you can always craft more. Keep in mind that crafting these items will require you to have sufficient materials. Gathering materials can easily be done by simply using your glove that shoots out a beam that has a range of how far or how deep you are able to dig. While the animation of a beam gets dull rather fast, the sound changes depending on what type of material you are gathering. When you are gathering stone, you will hear something that resembles a chopping pick while gathering sand will result in a shovel type of sound.  There is no ambient sound in the game other than these sounds and your own footsteps. Or are they from someone else?


Currently there are no monsters lurking in the shadows but these are being added in the next couple of months in the form of elemental creatures that can be your friend or foe, or possibly both. You will be able to do anything with these cuddly frenemies such as collect them, raise them as your own and harvest them. Once you’ve collected more than one kind, you can start to combine them to create new elements, a useful mechanic for those who dislike to grind their materials. You may want to double-check on them though as they can become little rascals if they find themselves unhappy. While collectors might find their new obsession with these rock creatures, others may find themselves hunting down achievements. These can vary from visiting different worlds to place, destroy and craft items but since the game is in early development, more achievements may always be added in.


At the moment you are able to define your character as male or female, with customization menu’s like skin color, hair style and color, eye color and clothing that have yet to be completed. A feature that is set to be implemented is the character progression along three different tracks that will define what type of player you want to become: a builder, an explorer or a cooperator. Everything is being tracked, from how many players that use your contributions such as your structures, environments and adventures to how they rate it and you will continuously earn points when they do. These points are turned into experience in either of the three tracks.

While MyDream is quite similar to Minecraft down at its core, the textures and patterns of the materials and foliage in the various biomes are incredibly detailed. Even the flow from a darkened night to a perfectly bright day is almost unnoticeable. Since the game is motivated by Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound and even Journey, you might be able to find resemblances to these games. The graphics certainly suggests a kinship with Journey and it’s magnificant world. You will not necessarily need to upgrade your computer as the variation in the world types require different type of machines. MyDream can be played in singleplayer, multiplayer and offline mode. The multiplayer aspect of the game will allow you to meet new people, whom you may want to collaborate with in the future but switching from the singleplayer mode to the multiplayer mode, or the other way around, when you’ve already gone into a world will require a game restart.



The possibilities in the current Beta-build are quite meager and most players focus on building urban and suburban kingdoms and shrines instead of cleverly plotted adventures, however new features are constantly being added, giving the community new means to enhance their worlds. All-in-all, MyDream shows loads of potential and has the possibility to become the next best game in its genre with all the features that will be added in the future.

MyDream is currently available in beta for the PC and alpha for Mac. If you weren’t able to back up their project on Kickstarter itself, you can always make a small contribution via the website of MyDream and gain alpha/beta access this way.

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