Mysterious project for Frostpunk finally revealed

Mysterious project for Frostpunk finally revealed

Introduced as a mysterious project with the name, TVADGYCGJR, 11 bit studios has finally revealed what it’s going to be. The third and final expansion from Frostpunk’s season pass is going to be called ‘On The Edge’. To commemorate this announcement, a teaser trailer has been released to show a glimpse of what’s coming to the game.

On The Edge is set after the vicious Great Storm and sends the expedition on a new mission. This expansion doesn’t only open a brand new chapter in the Frostpunk universe but also enriches the game’s core experience by giving players new challenges to beat and offering new unique mechanics both on the Frostland map and in the city.

More about the expansion will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more info on the last expansion in Frostpunk’s season pass.

Below, you can watch the teaser trailer on Frostpunk: On The Edge.

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