Mythgard’s second expansion, The Winter War, released

Mythgard’s second expansion, The Winter War, released

The Winter War; the second expansion to Mythgard, one of the highest-rated card games on steam, released on the 25th of January. The expansion comes with over 140 new cards, 2 new powers, 2 new paths and its first competitive season. The season will consist of six ranked ladder seasons and six qualification tournaments, which will take place between the ranked ladder seasons.

The expansion sees the six factions of Mythgard unite and divide to create the Alliance and the Rebellion. Alliance-focused decks look to control the board and overpower their opponents, whereas Rebellion decks may have ‘smaller numbers’, but look to turn the tide with powerful minions. Your allegiance towards either group will play into the game, from the deck building process to your in-match interactions. The game is available on both PC and mobile.

Some of the more unique features of Mythgard are:

  • A Complete story mode
  • Weekly rotating featured decks, allowing you to play competitive Mythgard without owning all the cards
  • 2v2 mode that requires tactical teamwork.
  • Spectate mode
  • Full replay mode
  • In-game tournament client that lets anyone set up or compete in a tournament, all in-game
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