NACON Adds a whole new category to their Videogame Catalogue: Life Simulators


NACON and its partner studios are pleased to unveil a new series of video game simulators that focus on everyday life. There are currently five games in development that will be released under the new LIFE label: Train Life, Hotel Life, Chef Life, Surgeon Life, and Architect Life.

By uniting these games under one brand name, NACON strengthens its publishing position in this segment. In these LIFE-simulators, players can experience the life of a professional such as a surgeon, award-winning chef, or even an architect. Players can enjoy varied gameplay, combining planning, management, and specific duties of the respective profession.

“The genre of the first-person simulator, which only emerged about 10 years ago, with its mix of management and skills is increasingly popular with an ever-increasing audience, both on PC and consoles with its player-base increasing every day. Against this backdrop, new genres and stories can emerge that will appeal to both gamers and new audiences. By creating the LIFE-series and partnering with specialized studios and consultants for each profession, Nacon hopes to bring new experiences to all players. This by using the media tools already available to them, they can bring the everyday lives of many dream professions to life, ”said Benoit Clerc, Head of Publishing at NACON.

These are the first five games in the LIFE series, coming in 2021 and 2022:

  • Train Life – A Railway Simulator (Simteract) – This railway simulator not only offers an ultra-realistic train travel experience, but also lets you manage the development of your business: hire conductors, buy locomotives, choose contracts to take, and roll out your network all over Europe.
  • Hotel Life – A Resort Simulator (RingZero Game Studio) – Hotel Life is a hotel simulator in which you work behind the scenes of an idyllic holiday destination. Players manage the day-to-day business of the hotel, enhancing its reputation and provide the best possible support for guests from check-in to check-out. Make sure guests have the time of their lives by entertaining them with a variety of daily activities.
  • Chef Life – A Restaurant Simulator (Cyanide Studio) – Chef Life lets you manage all aspects of a restaurant, from buying ingredients to serving dishes. Manage your staff, prepare the best dishes and design the environment for your guests to enjoy.
  • Surgeon Life – A Hospital Simulator (RingZero Game Studio) – In Surgeon Life, players become managers of a private clinic. In addition to performing surgical procedures, you also have to manage the care teams and attract new patients.
  • Architect Life – A Building Simulator (SimFabric) – In Architect Life, you work on all phases of the construction and design of your own dream home (and that of your clients). Your duties include creating construction drawings, budget management and hiring construction workers. This goes beyond a simple design game, for example, you also need to ensure that construction runs smoothly to meet contractual specifications.
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