Nailed It! Germany, Short Interview with Angelina Kirsch

In 2018 Netflix added a new original show to their repertoire, which was all about clumsy bakers trying to make stellar creations. This often ended up with disasterpieces and a lot of laughs for everyone involved. Soon after, international versions were made of the show, such as renditions for Germany, France, Spain and Mexico. We were lucky enough to have a short chat with Nailed It! Germany’s host, Angelina Kirsch. Without further ado, let’s just dig in.

  • How was Nailed It! as an experience for you?

In the beginning, I was very nervous, wondering if I could fulfil all the expectations. Of course, I knew the show and I wanted to do the best job this show deserves. But when we started, it turned out to be a lot of fun just like a huge children’s birthday party. Everybody was having fun and it was a great time!

  • When you had to taste the actual baked goods, were you hesitant to try out some of the creations?

There were many situations where I wished that I didn’t have to taste the results, because they looked so ugly. But I always was surprised how well they still tasted! Sometimes the frosting was made with too much butter, too many eggs made the dough taste like scrambled eggs or the baker used too much alcohol for the preparation. But in the end, I always was proud of my fearless contestants.

  • It looked like a lot of fun on the set, how did you select the content for the actual episode, as the contestants sometimes got 2 hours of time?

    • Did a lot happen off-camera?
    • Did some participants get emotional when being judged?

It was really funny! And most of the content happens spontaneously. We always had a special theme for the episode we were producing and of course, the challenges were defined before, but everything beyond this happened unplanned. Depending on the difficulty of the task, we pick a fair time slot for the preparation. Because the bakers gave everything for their challenges, some became emotional during the judgement. In the end, everybody was cool with the jokes and all of the members were happy to be part of this freaking funny show.

  • Are there any plans for a second season?

    • What would you like to see changed or added in the second season?
    • Would we ever see you baking something in season 2?
      • Are you a good cook/baker yourself?

I’m really hoping to do another season of “Nailed It! Germany”. It was wild and fun and I would love to add a Christmas or holiday episode. And who knows, maybe I will bake a little bit as well. I admire, I’m not a good cook, but baking is a passion of mine. That connects me with my contestants: I love baking, but my results aren’t very beautiful all the time. 😉

  • While Nailed It! Is only a tiny portion of your career, what other projects are you currently working on?

    • Is there anything you would love to work on?
    • Any international projects or ambitions?

Due to the Covid situation the chances for such great projects like Nailed it! are rare. I will be hosting the German cooking show “The Taste” for the second time this year. And I’m working on my own collection called “Rock Your Curves by Angelina K. “ because fashion is another big passion of mine. I’m thankful for every chance and opportunity I get and I’m really looking forward to my next projects on TV and hopefully Netflix as well.

  • As we are mainly a gaming and entertainment site, is there something you would like to tell our readers during these strange times with the pandemic?

My advice is to stay calm, get yourself dressed in some cosy clothes and try to get a new connection with yourself. I and my boyfriend take these times to binge-watch all of our favourite Netflix shows and play some PlayStation games. Together we can make it and kick covid’s butt. 😉

With many countries still in lockdown, and a lot of the world still being restricted in social activities, it might just be best to look for a fun show to view with your loved ones, or even do it via Skype, where you press play at the same time. Online games may also prove to be interesting, or as the article is all about, you could have some laughs by watching one of the Nailed It! versions now on Netflix. Those wanting to learn more about Angelina Kirsch’s projects, be sure to check out here social media here.


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