invites you for A Night at the Races invites you for A Night at the Races

Publisher has revealed their next title for the Nintendo Switch. The game, titled A Night at the Races, is a challenging arcade platformer inside a thrilling story adventure. It also features online leaderboards. Developed by indie studio Mushy Jukebox, A Night at the Races sees players take on the role of a gamer, making for a “game within a game” meta experience. Players participate in a challenging arcade game tournament, grab prize money and escape their real-life struggles.

With over 200 arcade levels and additional game modes and a unique narrative, A Night at the Races seems like a title that embodies’s aim to publish unique experiences. We’ve taken a look at several of’s titles in the past, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for A Night at the Races when it launches as an exclusive Switch title on the 3rd of September. In the meantime, we’ve got the trailer for you.

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