Naninight is out to get you now on Steam

Naninight is out to get you now on Steam

Science has given us a lot of things: computers, microwaves, bendy straws… creepy eight year olds… In the point-and-click horror adventure Naninights, you work in a lab investigating gifted children. When a test subject, nicknamed Naninight, escapes, all bets are off. Will you be able to stop him before he gets you?

The game features:
– The use of an A.L.I.F.A. mask to track Naninight and limit his ability to hunt you down
– Use gates, cubes or mirrors cleverly in order to stop the creepy kid
– Three rounds consisting of 3 phases each that roll into 3 more rounds in Hard mode in order to get to the truth
– Don’t lose your mind…

Naninights is out now on Steam for Windows PC.

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