NEO 2045 – Soon to be released!

NEO 2045 – Soon to be released!

The free-to-play MMO for kids, NEO 2045, will be officially launched on September 23rd! This game has been in beta since June 10 this year, and is available on PC, Android, and iOS. NEO 2045 is developed and published by VR Realms.

NEO 2045 is a massive digital playground where anything is possible! This sci-fi action MMO for all ages features a vast open world, loads of single and multiplayer mini-games accessible through various arenas and locations, as well as a series of Social Realms and Player Realms where players can terraform mountains and valleys and build structures and vehicles using dynamorphic components that connect seamlessly. Gear up for Adventure in this epic space MMO filled with evil robots, territorial arachnoids, and drone battles!

The year is 2045 and a teenager named Jax beats the all-time high score for an unbeatable video game. However, when Jax reaches level 299, the game’s big boss, Lazertron, escapes into the real world with a sole purpose – to destroy all Earthlings! Lazertron takes control over earth’s robot factories creating human-killing machines all over the world. After destroying much of Earth, Lazertron’s army attacks Jax’s crew on the Hypershot interstellar space station, hovering just outside of Earth’s orbit. The attack causes the unfinished Hypershot jumpgate to power up and fire the gigantic spaceship containing Jax and his crew through the rift, lightyears from earth. Luckily the ship is snagged into the orbit of an undiscovered planet where they establish NEO, the New Earth Outpost, and activate the homing beacon to attract any surviving escape pods from Earth…

The launch version of the game will include the anticipated Game Maker and Pet Battles, ensuring something for everyone, all within a safe environment appropriate for younger players. The Game Maker is a drag and drop game editor which allows creating all kinds of games from racing to puzzle play, action games to adventure platformers. In Pet Battles adorable pets can fight each other in card battle gameplay, letting players collect cards, create decks and pick Clash Cards for battle.

Visit the official website of NEO 2045 for more information!

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