Neo ATLAS 1469 gets first physical release on Nintendo Switch

Neo ATLAS 1469 gets first physical release on Nintendo Switch

NIS America is happy to announce that Neo ATLAS 1469, a naval exploration simulator, is available today on Nintendo Switch, for the first time as a physical edition in North America. The game is also available digitally on PC.

In Neo ATLAS 1469, the only map you need is the one you create. This epic tale of exploration and discovery puts you at the helm a 15th century European trade company. Your mission is to map out undiscovered lands, discover the riches and secrets they hide, and reveal the true face of the world.

Recruit a myriad of noble admirals to serve as your expedition force. Send out your admirals to explore the world and report back to you what they find. Don’t like the outcome? Reject their report and shape the world to your liking. Establish new trade routes and discover far-off lands of legend while fending off pirates, and worse. Conquer the seas and find the true nature of the world’s design, derived form myth and legend. No two adventures are sure to be the same.

For more information, be sure to check their official website, here.


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