Nero De Premieres #4 Adhemar: De Zoon van Nero – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Marc Sleen
Illustrations: Marc Sleen
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Nero De Premieres #4 Adhemar: De Zoon van Nero – Comic Book Review

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Nero’s comic books have been around for years and years in Belgium, and even though there are no new releases anymore, his adventures keep being fun to read. The initiative of Standaard Uitgeverij to publish a few of his albums once again is well appreciated, as they opted for the albums where new characters were introduced. Last year, we already reviewed the third issue in this series, where we met Meneer Pheip, and in the fourth issue, which we’ll discuss today, it’s Adhemar’s turn to join the club.

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Good news for Nero and his wife! Their son is born, and thus it’s only natural for their friends to come over and congratulate them. They all admire the newborn, but great is their surprise when the young lad starts complaining about being handled too childishly. While still astonished that the little boy spoke, he snatches madam Pheip’s pipe out of her mouth to have a taste himself. When he is a few days old, milk isn’t good enough anymore, instead he wants beer, which he gets at the local pub, since his parents won’t give it to him. Nero and his wife have their hands full with this son of theirs. Still a few days later, he decides he wants to be called Adhemar, and he leaves the house to see the world. Nonetheless, with his short legs, he doesn’t get far before he gets tired. He ends up with Petoetje, and they play in Petoetje’s little laboratory. Together they invent something amazing, but before being able to explain what it is, Nero finds Adhemar and takes him home.

Since Adhemar isn’t allowed to leave the house anymore, Petoetje comes over the next day to build their invention in the back yard. When Nero takes a look at what they are building, it turns out to be a derrick. Adhemar invented a new kind of drill tip, which allows them to go deep into the earth, and thus they find their own petrol. Nero makes a business out of it, but since the state of Belgium now gets its petrol from Nero instead of Kuwait, the people in Kuwait loose an important source of income. And thus they send someone over to liquidate both Nero and Adhemar. The man is too overpowered by their kindness though, and decides to be on their side, but when Adhemar gets abducted nonetheless, the real search begins.

The story is an interesting one, with lots of unexpected and absurd elements. Nonetheless, the main story stays quite simple, as it just revolves around getting Adhemar back safe and sound. The comic book is quite long, which means that the story has to stay interesting for a long time, something it doesn’t fully succeed in. while the absurd elements certainly add a nice touch, it also feels like they add extra bulk, which we could have had less of. Nonetheless, it can’t be denied that Marc Sleen has a vivid imagination.

Illustrations are also by Marc Sleen. They look rather simple, as they use obvious black lines and bold colors, without much background. This does appeal however, as it fits the overall story very well, as the characters’ personality is quite straightforward too. Adhemar is quite funny to watch as well, as he is a genius the size of a baby, with his diaper still on.


Nero De Premieres #4 Adhemar: De Zoon van Nero offers you a story that is often too absurd for words. While there are quite some strange elements to this story, it is quite straightforward, and because it is also quite long, it sometimes feels a bit too stretched out. Nonetheless, absurd situations and silly quotes do make it worth your while.

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Nero De Premieres #4 Adhemar: De Zoon van Nero - Comic Book Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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