Nero De Premières #6 Jan Spier: De Blauwe Toekan – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Marc Sleen
Illustrations: Marc Sleen
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Nero De Premières #6 Jan Spier: De Blauwe Toekan – Comic Book Review

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Standaard Uitgeverij has released a new addition to the Nero comic books they’ve been republishing in the series ‘De Premières’, this time treating us to the first issue that involves Jan Spier. Just like the previous issue in the series, about detective Van Zwam, this one is one of the older titles Marc Sleen came up with, which is clearly noticeable in both the story, as well as the illustrations. Jan Spier may not be the most prominent character in the Nero comic books, he sure proves to be an asset to the group.

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Madam Nero is complaining to Jef Pedal and Isabelle about Nero. He is so fond of his money, that he doesn’t want to part with it, and just keeps sitting on his huge pile of coins. The doctor suggests some distraction might do him good, and thus Nero’s friends take him to the fair. There, they lose track of Isabelle, and even though they search everywhere, she is not to be found. There is only one thing to be done, and thus Nero and Jef Pedal call in the help of detective Van Zwam. Van Zwam finds Isabelle at the caravan of the hypnotist Piekhasso, but gets turned into a parrot by this evil man.

Nero later finds out where Piekhasso has been holding Isabelle, but before he knows it, he gets hypnotized himself, and is ordered by Piekhasso to bring him all of his money. Later, when Nero wakes up from his hypnosis, he finds all of his money gone, and Isabelle and Piekhasso too. The only lead he has is a note that says that Piekhasso went back to his homeland, the land of the blue toucan, together with Isabelle and the money he just earned. Nero, Jef Pedal and Jan Spier, a good friend of Nero who sells the best French fries in town, immediately start a long journey to this country, in an attempt to find Isabelle back, even though for Nero the most important thing still seems to be his money.

The story of this issue is quite an absurd one, but a fun one nonetheless. Nero is still his cocky, stubborn self, saying everything he thinks, which might not always be too sensible or smart. His friends form a nice counterbalance, being more down to earth, keeping the right perspective in mind. Jan Spier proves to be a valuable member of the group, as aside from his French fries, he is also famous for his strength, something that comes in handy more than once in the course of the story.

‘De Blauwe Toekan’ is the sixth issue in the Nero comic book series, which is quite clear when looking at the illustrations. They look a lot less polished than the newer issues of the series do, but the bluntness of the illustrations, the solid colors and Nero’s bold statements all add to a very specific style. Keeping in mind that the issue was first published in 1949, the bold illustrations and statements are quite funny and characteristic, even though all of it might not be as politically correct as we’re used to in this day and age.


Nero De Premières #6 Jan Spier: De Blauwe Toekan proves to be another fun Nero adventure, be it one of the earlier ones Marc Sleen wrote. Apart from this being the first issue that Jan Spier takes part in, Nero still steals the show with his stubborn personality. It’s certainly a fun addition to the growing series of the Premières, being the sixth issue in a series of nine. Another must-have for Nero fans.

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Nero De Premières #6 Jan Spier: De Blauwe Toekan - Comic Book Review, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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