New Acer line-up

New Acer line-up

Acer Aspire R 11

The Aspire R 11 is a new entry into Acer’s hybrid notebook series. It will be the smallest one with an 11.6” screen which is also 360° rotatable. It’ll be available with up to 8GB of DD3L-memory and an Intel Pentium Processor.

The R 11 will be available somewhere in June later this year.

Acer Switch 10

The Switch 10 line-up is getting two new models with a new processor and updated looks. An Intel Atom Quadcore processor will make the laptop an interesting choice for more requiring users. The Switch line stands for Acer’s laptop-tablet hybrid with the screen being removable. The 10.1” screen has an IPS display and is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Additional entries into the Switch 11 series have also been announced.

Acer Aspire V 15, E-series and ES-series

The Aspire V 15 is a slick new 15” notebook containing some of the latest technologies including the new 940M Nvidia graphics card and a Broadwell Intel CPU. A maximum RAM-capacity of 16GB and a 1TB solid-state drive are going to keep even the most demanding users happy.

The E-series is Acers “design” notebook line-up with an emphasis on look, get the notebook in a variety of colours and engraved covers based on 3D-scans of fabrics. It’ll be available with similar specs as the V15 with 14”, 15.6” and 17.6” variants.

The ES-series is a new line offering everything a normal users needs at an affordable price. Screen sizes start at 11.6” and go up to 17.3”. While not offering the same advanced components as the E-series and V-series does, it’ll still meet an average user’s requirements.

The V 15 will be available in July, the E-series will be out in May and the ES-series should be purchasable starting from June.

Acer XR341CKA

There’s something about monitors and names that doesn’t quite work well but the XR341CKA is Acer’s latest ultra wide curved QHD monitor. With a 3440 by 1440 resolution and a 178° curve, it looks quite stunning. It also has G-SYNC, Nvidia’s technology to reduce tearing.

The XR341CKA will be available in June.

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