New blogs reveal details about Diablo Immortal!


Developer Glasnost has posted two in-depth blogs revealing new details about what the company has planned for Diablo Immortal. These blogs tie into the developer’s commitment to keeping fans up to date about the game. In the first blog, which you can find here, you’ll find a deep dive into some of the cosmetics that players can use to personalize their characters. Players are even able to change their class without having to re-roll a new character in a planned update post-launch.

Meanwhile, the second blog provides details about pre-orders for Diablo Immortal on iOS (and iPadOS) devices. If 30 million players pre-register the game across Apple and Android devices before the launch date, then all players will receive cosmetic rewards to celebrate this milestone. Glasnost has asked us to point out that the 30th of June launch date currently mentioned on the preorder page for Apple devices is a placeholder date, and that the official release date will be revealed in the future. We’ll make sure to inform you when this happens so keep an eye out for this!

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