New CG Cinematic Trailer For FINAL FANTASY XV

New CG Cinematic Trailer For FINAL FANTASY XV

Square Enix today announced that FINAL FANTASY XV has become gold. To celebrate this, a brand new CV cinematic trailer, titled “Omen”, was released. Square Enix is currently also working on the creation of the Season Pass £19.99 / €24.99 / $24.99 and DLC which will provide more content.

The Season Pass consists out of 3 original episodes that take place during the events of FINAL FANTASY XV. Each episode features on of Noctis’ best friends as the playable character in a brand new adventure which offers unique play styles, tailored to each friend. Episode Gladiolus is the first new character adventure and will be followed by Episode Ignis and Episode Prompto.

After the individual character episodes, Comrades will be released. Comrades is an expansion pack for FINAL FANTASY XV which offers a new online co-op mode for up to 4 players, allowing teams to take control of Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto as a group.

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