New character teaser trailer released for The Medium

New character teaser trailer released for The Medium

Today, a new character trailer has been released for The Medium that shows a new mysterious narrative for the second layer of the story in this upcoming psychological horror game. The character that has been teased, whose face and name will be revealed in time, is based on Marcin Dorociński, a Polish actor that you can recognize from the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit. This mysterious figure is capable of brutal and ruthless actions and has his own motives for revenge.

The Medium is a psychological horror game developed by Bloober Team, known for Observer: System Redux, Blair Witch, and Layers of Fear. This game takes place in the corridors of the Niwa Hotel and is sure to bring you an exciting horror experience when looking back to the amazing titles they’ve produced so far.

The newest trailer revealing the character based on Marcin Dorociński and more can be watched below this post or on our own Youtube channel.

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