New class announced for Black Desert Online

New class announced for Black Desert Online

Today, Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games have announced the release of the newest class coming to Black Desert Online. The newest class is named Shai, and will be a unique addition to the game as it is the first character that focuses on support abilities and life skills.

As a celebration for the launch of Shai, trial account holders can now earn a copy of the full game by reaching level 50 and by logging into the game at least seven days. The event period starts today and ends on the third of July.

You now have the possibility to pre-create your own Shai class to prepare for the launch on 26th of June. If you’ve done this before the release, you will be rewarded with an exclusive accessory and in-game title, as well as several convenient items that will help you embark on your adventure.

A special trailer for the release of Shai has been released as well. You can watch it below.

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