New content pack for First Class Trouble announced

New content pack for First Class Trouble announced

Today, Independent developer Invisible Walls ApS and game publisher Versus Evil have announced a new content pack for their social deduction game First Class Trouble. The game is now available on Steam for PC and the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

This new content pack celebrates the Lunar New Year with decorated areas and a lot of new outfits. Residents of the Alithea can celebrate this event with a wide selection of Lunar New Year inspired outfits that invoke the traditional spirits of Asia that they left behind long ago. You can customize your character hand fans, Chinese dragon masks, dresses, suits and a lot more. Even the Vruumbas have been decorated as dragons to roam the halls.

New free content has been added to the game as well. With the new padlock mechanic, players can now lock syringe stands so they’ll take a lot longer to be opened. The new Proximity Scanner will bring more deception and investigation to the game. Inspired by the Corpse Scanner, this scanner will let you scan corpses and identifies the two players that were the closest to the one that died.

Check out the release notes for First Class Trouble on the Steam page for more info about everything released with this update.

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