New content update released for Star Conflict

New content update released for Star Conflict

StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment have announced the release of the 1.7.4 “Curse of the Leviathan” Content Update for their game Star Conflict. This update brings players a battle in a sector infected by a mysterious virus and the new ‘Plague Doctor’ spaceship.

The Curse of the Leviathan game mode takes place in the catacombs of Leviathan, a giant alien space station with many technological secrets waiting to be salvaged. One of the players will become infected at the start of the brawl and pass the virus to others, while healthy players have to defend themselves and try to survive until reinforcements arrive. This game mode will be available every day up until November 16th.

DLC packs with the new ‘Plague Doctor’ spaceship are also available for purchase. The full description of the rules for the game mode and its rewards, along with the content list for the DLC packs can be found on the official Star Conflict website:

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