New Crusader Kings II expansion announced

New Crusader Kings II expansion announced

Good news, medieval strategists! Paradox has announced the expansion to Crusader Kings II, called ‘Conclave’. But what does this mean for the game?

Unlike before, the council that governs your realm will now demand to have a say in the ruling of the kingdom. Powerful (and possibly brainless) dukes will all require a seat at the council table- but beware; those left on the outside will be more likely to plot against you! You must invest in their interests, or face the consequences of a war within your council.

Other features include:

  • Councils now able to vote on changes to realm laws
  • Revised education system for royal children, with new traits and events designed for childhood
  • New diplomatic system with marital alliances as a priority, non-aggression pacts and coalitions
  • Improved military combat model with greater emphasis on morale
  • Tweaks to how the AI prioritises decisions.

Conclave will be available in early 2016. Meanwhile, check out the reveal trailer below!

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