New details of Final Fantasy XV revealed at TGS 2015

New details of Final Fantasy XV revealed at TGS 2015

During the live stream of the Active Time Report at Tokyo Game Show 2015, Square Enix has revealed additional details of Final Fantasy XV, specifically the narrative of the upcoming title as well as the personas. To top it off, a new gameplay trailer has been revealed in which players can catch a glimpse of the popular feathered animal the chocobo and the dynamic fishing system that was already revealed during earlier released screenshots of the game.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the characters. There will be two main protagonists in Final Fantasy XV: King Regis and the courage Luna. King Regis is from the kingdom of Lucis where he has placed a barrier around the city by channeling magical energy from crystals. However the attempt of this has lead to weakened king. Now, with the imperial army of Niflheim closeby, the weakened king must watch as his beloved son and kingdom are powerless against the vast armies.

In the meantime, Luna has been given the holy status of being an Oracle but she still has to maintain a certain mindset against the imperial army while a certain mysterious black-haired woman named Gentiana stands by her side.

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise are asked to tune in at the next ATR which will be held at the end of this year where more details of the dangerous empire Niflheim will be revealed.

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