New DLC available for X-Morph: Defense

New DLC available for X-Morph: Defense

EXOR Studios has released a new DLC pack for their twin-stick shooter/tower defense game called X-Morph: Defense. The DLC, called The Survival of the Fittest, has some new maps for you to discover:

  • BRITAIN – Fight an endless enemy assault in a rain soaked maze of cottages and canals.
  • FINLAND – Winter is already here, but it’s not the cold that is your worst enemy.
  • SOUTH AFRICA – A dense night is waiting to be lit up by countless enemy explosions.
  • NETHERLANDS – Survive as long as you can in this seemingly idyllic landscape.
  • FRANCE – A city labyrinth that is about to become a graveyard full of metallic corpses.

Even more, there are some new changes to make it more welcoming for new players while keeping an eye on the bigger challenges for veteran gamers. These changes are available in a free update, while the maps are purchasable via Steam. Xbox One and PS4 players will also get this pack soon.

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