New DLC for Trails Fusion available now

New DLC for Trails Fusion available now

Starting today Fault One Zero, the fifth of six DLCs, is available for Trails Fusion. You can download Fault One Zero on your Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. On the 25th of February Fault One Zero will also be available for PlayStation 3 and 4. This new DLC adds 10 new tracks, 24 challenges, 5 trophies and new objects for the level editor.

There have also been added new races for the multiplayer in a new free update. New modifiers have also been added, these are options which can be used to adapt your vehicle to the level of the challenge.

The Season Pass is available for €19,99, this Season Pass gives you access to Fault One Zero as well as the 4 previous DLCs. If you’re not in the possession of the Season Pass, you can buy Fault One Zero for €4,99.

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