New Earthworm Jim game announced for Intellivision Amico

New Earthworm Jim game announced for Intellivision Amico

The original team that created Earthworm Jim, a game that released 25 years ago, has reunited to create a new Earthworm Jim game to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original. The new game will be exclusively available for the Intellivision Amico game console that is set to release on the 10th of October 2020.

To celebrate this reunion with the fans, a 20-minute live interactive simulcast streaming event will take place on Saturday, May 4th at noon pacific time during the first Earthworm Jim design meeting with the original team. The team will engage with fans during this event to hear their new vision and multiple original art pieces will be hand-drawn, signed by the entire team and given away to people viewing the live stream.

You can watch this stream upcoming Saturday on Facebook, Youtube Live and TwitchTV. More info on the Intellivision Amico home video game console can be seen on the website of Intellivision Entertainment. click here to get there.

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