New expansion for Skyforge includes a new planet

New expansion for Skyforge includes a new planet

Soon, players of Skyforge can embark on a new journey on an all new planet added by the upcoming expansion. This free expansion is called ‘New Horizons’ and will take players on a reconnaissance mission leading them to the planet Terra, a world full of ruined, overgrown cities, lush jungles and lifeless wastelands. This addition will add new game mechanics, dangerous wildlife and even a whole new race to discover.

Scouting drones have intercepted messages in an unknown language and later its cameras captured strange-looking ships foreshadowing new enemies with advanced technology. The air is heavily polluted, indicating advanced warfare taking place there. The development of this world will depend entirely on the player’s actions.

‘New Horizons’ will come to Skyforge on April 9th for PC and April 11th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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